Automated Calls FAQ

Here you will find the asnwers to our Frequently Asked Questions about Automated Calls.

General Questions

Who am I able to call using Automated Calls?

With Automated Calls you are able to call the 50 United States as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. (Coming Soon: International Calling)

What am I entitled to with the free service Automated Calls offers?

The free service allows you to send only one 30 second message to a single group (25 person maximum) per week. Since the service is free, there will also be a Automated Calls branding on your message.

Does your service handle phone extensions?

Automated Calls is capable of being used with phone number extensions to an extent. Complicated phone systems are not supported (having to choose an option in order to enter an extension)

Will my personal information be sold or distributed to third parties?

Absolutely not.

Will calls for recording greetings and approving a phone number deduct credits from my account?

You will NOT be billed or charged credits for these calls.

Do businesses use Automated Calls?

Yes many businesses build an opt-in phone or text message list to send special offers to customers, as well as other uses. It's important to determine all national, state and local laws that apply to the notifications you're sending, and follow those closely. We do not allow unsolicited sales or marketing calls/texts. For more information on the National Do Not Call Registry and other telemarketing rules and regulations please visit

The sample / verification call did not work; what went wrong?

Usually in this case the culprit is an anonymous call blocker / call zapper on your end. You may also receive this error if you have tried too many sample calls in a single day. Please feel free to contact customer support if you believe it is a problem with the Automated Calls system.

Are there any restrictions with what is said in the messages I send out?

While there are no set restrictions with the messages you send out, keep in mind that you are responsible for what you broadcast. Check over the FCC rules and regulations for a list of guidelines to follow when sending out broadcasts using our service.

Billing Questions

Are there any hidden fees when using Automated Calls?

Since we have been in the telecommunications industry since 2000, we are able to offer extremely reasonable pricing on all of our services. There are absolutely no hidden fees when you use Automated Calls.

What methods of payment do you accept?

VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and Checks. For large volume and corporate purchases we accept wire transfers.

Am I charged for calls that are not answered or not completed?

No. You will be refunded automatically (takes up to 48 hours) for calls that do not make an actual connection.

Do call credits expire?

There is no expiration date on credits that you purchase.

Technical Questions

What number displays on Caller ID when I send out messages?

Your own phone number will appear for calls that you send out. You are able to add additional phone numbers from the 'My Account' tab in your user control panel. If you have any further questions please contact customer support.

What are my options for recording a message?

Phone: You may record a message via the phone by inputting a phone number into our automated system. Record and re-record the message until you are satisfied and then send it out right from your phone.

Upload: Automated Calls allows you to upload an MP3 or WAV file directly from your user control panel on the website.

Text-to-speech: If you are in need of sending a message out quick then this option is for you. Type in the greeting that you want sent out and a digitized male / female voice will get it delivered quickly.

Do you offer call scheduling?

Yes, you are able to set a specific date/time for your messages to be sent out. This option is great for customers using Automated Calls for event reminders.

What happens if the call is picked up by voice mail?

Answering machines and voice mails are no obstacle for Automated Calls. With our advanced detection system, we are able to leave the message on answering machines and voice mails.

Can I import a list of contacts?

Yes, you are able to import using the following: Excel (XLS), Database (CSV) and by simply pasting phone numbers into the system.

Are there any restrictions to the amount of people I call using Automated Calls?

No, there are no limits as long as you have a sufficient amount of credits to cover the calls going out.

What happens if a call keeps ringing or gets a busy signal?

Our service will attempt to call back three times (1 minute intervals) and if there is no luck, you will receive a refund for those calls.

What do your call reports display?

Our call reports will allow you to see whether or not your call was connected and if your message was played. It also allows you to see how long the recipient was connected along with many other details.